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How to Choose a Gold Buyer – Video

Cash for Gold – How to Choose a Gold Buyer

Whenever you decide to sell gold jewelry and get cash for gold, you will need to be very careful in selecting your gold buyer. Not all gold buyers are created equal. You shouldn’t just sell your gold to the first guy you see holding a We Buy Gold sign.

The truth is, less than half of the gold buyers you encounter will treat you fairly and honestly. When selling your gold jewelry, whether to on online gold buyer or to a local pawn shop or jewelry store, you need to be very selective about which company you choose to sell your gold jewelry to.

Just because somebody says “we buy gold” does not mean the will pay you what your gold is really worth. To the contrary, most cash for gold companies will pay you less than your gold jewelry is worth. So, how do you find an honest gold buyer?

In order to select an honest gold buyer when getting cash for your gold jewelry, you must get some personal recommendations.

    What do you know about the cash for gold company?

    Do they have a history of ripping people off when they sell gold jewelry?

    Do they have a precious metals license or just a big We Buy Gold sign?

Don’t take the risk of dealing with an unreliable gold buyer.
Here is what you should look for.

sell my gold jewelry - cash for gold
• Personal Testimonials from real people, not a famous paid spokesperson.

• Accreditation with trusted organizations such as VeriSign and the BBB.

• Great ratings with trade organizations like the Better Business Bureau. NowGold.com has an A+ Rating.

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Great online feedback. What do other people on the internet say about the gold buyer. We are the #1 pick by the consumer advocate site OnlineGoldScam.com

By using these methods, you can determine which cash for gold company is trust worthy and which We Buy Gold guys are bad news.

Selecting your Gold Buyer

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to gold jewelry buyers with great community feedback, next you’ll want to choose a gold buyer that offers the services you need. Here are some things to look for when you get cash for gold.

• Highest Price – Price Match Guarantee
Will you really get top dollar for your gold and how do you know?
If you walk into a pawn shop, they will almost always offer you the lowest possible price. Instead of opening with their best offer, they typically try to see how low of a price they can pay for your gold. Don’t be a victim to the pawn shop haggle game. Selling your gold to a trusted Online Gold Buyer will get you top dollar for your gold jewelry.

• Fastest Payment
Most online gold buyers make you wait around for a jewelry return pack, and then make you wait some more for a check in the mail. NowGold.com offers you the option to print a shipping label straight from your computer so you can ship your gold today. We also offer direct deposit payment so you can get your cash for gold with 24 hours. Top dollar and fast payment!

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Gold Online – Video

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Gold Online

Top 5 Gold Buyers
One question we hear time after time is, “Why should I sell my gold online instead of at the local pawn shop?” Truth be told, there are lots of reason you should sell your gold online; here are the top 5.

1. Stricter Regulation
Interstate Commerce and Federal Regulations

The local pawn shop or jewelry store is required to comply with state laws regulating how they operate their business. Some states offer more protection while other states offer less. Unfortunately, it’s the luck of the draw as to how much protection your state offers you.

However, when you sell your gold online, it is considered interstate commerce. And therefore, transactions between you and NowGold.com are governed by Federal Regulations. Mail Fraud is a serious federal offense which carries heavy penalties such as $250,000 fine and 30 years in prison.

When selling your gold online, you can rest assured that the full power of the United States Government is there to protect you.

2. Safety
Safety should be a major concern.

Think about this:
You see an advertisement for a gold buying event at the mall. Lots of people are going to sell gold. You and others show up, walking through the mall parking lot with a purse full of gold jewelry and leaving with a pocket full of cash.

Who else saw the advertisement? Bad guys!
You’re a sitting duck, waiting to be targeted by a mugger. This sort of thing happens all the time. Why set yourself up as a target?

What about Pawn Shops?
Pawn shops seem to always be located in the worst part of town. It’s bad enough to go there, but carrying cash and valuable just makes it worse.

Craig’s List?
Never ever go meet a stranger to sell your gold, at their location or yours. It is extremely dangerous. Individuals on the net (as opposed to legitimate companies) are very dangerous. Don’t put yourself in a situation that is out of your control.

3. Convenience
Let’s face it, you’re busy. You don’t have time to be going to gold parties or running all over town to sell your gold. Selling gold online is really quick and easy compared to selling gold jewelry locally.

With NowGold.com, you can simply fill out our Get Started Form, print out a shipping label, and throw your jewelry in the mail box. A couple of days later, you automatically get cash in your bank account.

4. Confidential
If you are a private person you just don’t want everybody to know you are selling gold. When you sell gold jewelry online to NowGold.com, nobody else needs to know. You friends won’t know, your family won’t know, not even the postman knows you are selling gold online.

5. Get Top Dollar

Commercial real estate is very expensive. So why would you want to pay the rent for your local jeweler? The point is that the cost of doing business in a local storefront is high. They pay those high costs by paying you less.

Another important factor is competition. Online gold buyers operate in a national market, therefore we have to be competitive.

And finally, consider the economics of scale. Online gold buyers like NowGold.com just do higher volumes than the guy on the corner. As such, we can afford to pay better prices.

Bottom line, chances are you’ll be paid much more from an online gold buyer than the local gold buyer.

Gold hits record high!

Gold bullion hit another all time record high today at $1465 per troy ounce. Economist fear this may be the top of the market as hedge fund managers are starting to liquidate the metals to cash in.

Watch out for a correction in gold and silver prices. Sell your unwanted or broken gold jewelry now to take advantage of the situation.

Top dollar for gold

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