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Class Ring
14k Class Ring Pays $118.95

Is my Class Ring Real Gold?

It's easy to tell if your class ring is real. Just look for the stamp inside the ring.

If your class ring is real gold, it will be stamped on the inside of the band.

Look for:
  • 10K
  • 14K
  • 18K

Class Rings

Class Rings come in all different shapes and sizes and vary widely in value. The amount of money pays when we buy class rings is based strictly on the value of precious metal within it. Some factors which affect the amount of cash you get when you sell your class ring are: metal type, purity and weight.

Metal Type:
We see class rings made of all different types of metals. Most commonly we receive items made of 10K gold, but often we see gold plated sterling silver, and even white gold. We pay the same amount for white and yellow gold, however all gold class rings are worth much more than sterling silver. Most gold plated class rings do not contain any precious metal and therefore don't have any cash value.

Because class rings are typically large, most manufacturers make them using 10K gold in order to make them more affordable. Some more expensive class rings come in 14K gold. The higher the karat, the higher the gold purity. That means more cash for your class ring.

Men's class rings are typically much heavier than ladies' class rings, but they are both very valuable. Of course, the more it weighs the more cash we can pay for your class ring.

To learn more about calculating the value of your class ring, check out our Free Report

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