Monthly Archives: January 2016

A great year for car sales—but a lousy one for GM and Ford stock

Auto shares remain unloved, even though the industry is booming.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Apple Pay may have found its perfect market in China

As Apple Pay expands to China in early 2016, analysts think conditions are ripe for Apple’s mobile wallet to be a hit with consumers there. American shoppers have been wary of Apple Pay so far—only 15% of US iPhone 6 owners have even tried it. Many analysts say this is because mobile payments are still…
Source: Yahoo Finance

Two charts suggest the market rout in China is far from over

On Monday, U.S. investors awoke to stock futures in the red, as the Shanghai Composite Index had closed lock-limit down. For the first time, its new circuit breakers got a test drive. The two questions everyone is asking: (1) How much farther can Chinese markets sink, and (2) Will they drag U.S. markets with them?
Source: Yahoo Finance

Investors are worrying too much about China

We already know about problems that are causing fresh turmoil in markets.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Record Federal Reserve auction suggests more problems for credit, mutual funds in 2016

Something big is happening in the money markets–and it could be a harbinger of further hemorrhaging in the credit markets. It could also indicate there are more problems lingering beneath the surface of the mutual fund industry.
Source: Yahoo Finance

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