Monthly Archives: January 2016

Wall Street surges at end of awful January

At one point last week, the S&P’s loss for 2016 reached 11 percent before recovering to end the month down 5 percent. Global equities got a surprise boost on Friday after Japan’s central bank cut a benchmark rate below zero to stimulate its economy. Microsoft shares (MSFT.O) jumped 5.83 percent on better-than-expected results.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Wall Street waits on GDP

U.S. stock index futures indicated a higher open on Friday as traders anticipated the release of fourth quarter GDP.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Fox News will profit from the debate showdown with Trump

Vilifying Fox News and its anchor Megyn Kelly could push ratings up, not down.
Source: Yahoo Finance

"The Fed wasted a bullet:" veteran trader

The Fed may have skipped following up its December rate hike with another one at this week’s meeting, but Ira Epstein, managing director at Linn & Associates, said America’s central bank made a mistake by not acting several months ago.
Source: Yahoo Finance

It’s a seller’s market but are homes still affordable?

Homes are getting more expensive in the U.S. as the rise in rental prices is expected to slow. Where does that leave you?
Source: Yahoo Finance

So yes, the oil crash looks a lot like subprime

One year ago, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch drew a parallel between the subprime mortgage crash and the disorderly fall in the price of oil.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Market Did Work of Four Fed Rate Hikes, Morgan Stanley Says

Volatility in financial markets since the Federal Reserve last month announced its first interest-rate increase in nearly a decade is having the same effect as four additional quarter-point hikes, according …
Source: Yahoo Finance

Crazy market selloff doesn’t signal a recession

Here’s why the decline in the S&P does not portend a recession.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Here's when the market selloff will end for good

There’s no red light that goes on the moment markets overshoot.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Why GM is betting big on Lyft

Big changes are coming to Big Auto–or rather, the “mobility industry.”
Source: Yahoo Finance

10 ways to tell whether the selling has stopped

One thing for certain about market corrections is eventually they’ll stop. The problem, of course, is figuring out where.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Cramer: Charts show huge sell-off could be coming

Jim Cramer goes off the charts with a technician who interpreted a vicious correction for the S&P could be coming soon.
Source: Yahoo Finance

These numbers terrify GM, Ford and the other automakers

The portion of young Americans interested in driving is falling sharply.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Why the heck are the markets tanking?

The Dow has lost over 1,400 points so far in the first 10 trading days of 2016, marking the worst two-week start to a year ever.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Defanged: Can Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google rise again?

The so-called FANG stocks — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — are suffering in 2016. Can they rise again?
Source: Yahoo Finance

Cramer: Market oversold—start picking these stocks

Jim Cramer saw signs of a market bottom on Wednesday, and said it is now safe to buy stocks in this group again.
Source: Yahoo Finance

This is why Obama is bullish on the economy

The president is testing voters’ optimism about the economy.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Obama calls out Wall Street 'recklessness' in address

In his final State of the Union address, Obama emphasized that Americans should not listen to those who say to “fear the future.”
Source: Yahoo Finance

ISIS cash goes up in smoke as US targets terror group’s finances

The U.S. military’s push to cut off the cash flow to Islamic extremists has taken an explosive turn. On Monday, defense officials told CNN that the U.S. dropped a pair of 2,000-pound bombs on a building in Mosul, Iraq, that contained potentially millions in currency belonging to ISIS. The mission seems to be an extension of the recent Defense Department push to pinch ISIS in its wallet by hitting the extremist network’s oil infrastructure.
Source: Yahoo Finance

China, oil still hanging over Wall Street

Overnight news will likely again be key for stock market action Tuesday, as Wall Street will be watching China for any further weakening in the yuan.
Source: Yahoo Finance

This is the Saudi news that could move oil

The perception of crude oversupply is stronger than ever, but there’s one thing that could really move the needle, says RBC’s Helima Croft.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Donald Trump wants you to pay more for smartphones, TVs and a lot else

His plan to hit Chinese imports with big tariffs would hurt American consumers, too.
Source: Yahoo Finance

The stock selloff is happening in a parallel universe

It has almost nothing to do with the U.S. economy, which is doing pretty well.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Ford CEO: We're expecting a great year in China

Why Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company, isn’t sweating China
Source: Yahoo Finance

No Midlife Crisis for Apple

People are worried about iPhone sales. And rightfully so. Apple at least for the time being won’t come anywhere close to the lightning fast growth people have come to expect. So now it’s time to shift the conversation about Apple to its overlooked strengths.
Source: Yahoo Finance

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