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How the fear index's cousin can make or break a stock picker

Diversification is key to maintaining a balanced portfolio–or so the saying goes. Most investors maintain a mix of cash, stocks and bonds to minimize losses and maximize gains. Within the sub-portfolio of stocks, it can also be important to be diversified. But this is not always possible. At times, stocks tend to adopt a herd mentality and move together. Typically, this is during periods of market decline, but not always.
Source: Yahoo Finance

An Aging America Shies Away From Risk

Home of the brave? More like home of the timid.
Source: Yahoo Finance

The most endangered jobs of 2016

A lot more “disruption” is coming.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Why the bull market will not die in 2016

As traders look ahead to 2016, here’s why LPL Financial is expecting to celebrate the bull market’s seventh birthday.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Federal Reserve will pay banks $12 billion in 2016

In 2016, the Federal Reserve will pay at least $12.2 billion to U.S. and foreign banks to keep the money created via its quantitative easing programs out of the economy. If the Fed raises rates as expected next year, the amount nearly doubles to $23.1 billion.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Why stocks are still the place to be in 2016

John Calamos Sr., Chairman, CEO and Global Co-Chief Investment Officer of Calamos Investments explains why he is still bullish on equities for the long-term and why he remains underweight in energy.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Is betting against Apple in 2016 a foolish thing?

Sales of the iPhone may be topping out and there doesn’t seem to be a new mega-product coming, but it’s hard to say the party’s over for Apple.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Tim Cook gets support in his salvo against taxes

Industry insiders say Tim Cook made a compelling case that he is acting in shareholders’ interests.
Source: Yahoo Finance

This is what will happen when U.S. oil producers start to export

The big changes won’t happen till oil prices rise.
Source: Yahoo Finance

This man could be the next CEO of Apple

Jeff Williams, the new No. 2 at Apple, isn’t just a clone of his boss.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Cramer: That was it, Fed? Juicy stocks to watch

Jim Cramer weighs in on the Federal Reserve’s monumental move to raise interest rates, and says the insane love affair will resume for these stocks.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Wall Street rallies on gradual Fed tightening, improving economy

U.S. stocks rallied on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve announced it is raising its key policy rate for the first time in nearly a decade in a sign of confidence in the U.S. economy. Markets judged the Fed’s statement to be dovish, supportive of risk assets including equities. The Fed made clear that the 25-basis point rate hike was a tentative beginning to a “gradual” tightening cycle, and that in deciding its next move it would put a premium on monitoring inflation, which remains mired below target.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Why the current credit crisis might be 35 times worse than you thought

According to data obtained by Yahoo Finance, there are currently $27.2 billion in mutual fund assets that have suffered peak-to-valley losses over the last year greater than 10%. This amount is 35 times greater than the size of the Third Avenue fund, which suffered the third worse loss in the list of -34.5%.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Cramer: Not cautious? You're arrogant or clueless

Jim Cramer gets to the bottom of why the averages aren’t doing that badly but the market feels bad anyway. His radar is focused on these issues.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Isis Inc: From loot to oil, taxes keep jihadi economy churning

Even under jihadi rule, death and taxes remain the two great certainties of life. Some learn that the hard way. As Isis officials announced a religious tithe known as zakat last summer, Mansour, a 26-year-old …
Source: Yahoo Finance

Investor nerves tested with yuan, oil, Fed in play

Volatility swept through world markets on Monday with China’s yuan hitting a fresh multi-year year low and oil’s continued travails adding to nervousness before an expected hike in U.S. interest rates later this week. Emerging markets struggled for direction, weighed down by the weakness in China’s currency, Asian stocks and oil, but buffeted by a surge in South African markets after Pravin Gordhan was re-appointed finance minister. The People’s Bank of China on Monday continued guiding its currency lower, setting the yuan/dollar official midpoint at its weakest since July 2011.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Wall Street veterans say rate-hike past is not prologue for markets

It has only been six years since the U.S. stock market rout brought on by the financial crisis, but as far as Deena Katz’s clients are concerned, that might as well be ancient history. “People have a thirty-second memory,” said Katz, 65, co-chairman at Evensky & Katz/Foldes Financial Wealth Management. For veterans of several Federal Reserve interest rate hike cycles, the last several years have presented something of an abnormal condition.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Wall St. drops as oil's multi-year low adds to investor fears

Oil dragged down market as a whole, as investors worried whether a weakness in commodities signaled a broader slowdown. Furthermore, investors were worried about declines in China’s yuan and in high-yield debt markets. “Positioning has been clearly along the lines of taking risk exposure off,” said Michael James, managing director of equity trading at Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Wall St. slumps more than 1.5 percent as oil plumbs seven-year low

The International Energy Agency said it sees the oil glut worsening in 2016 as demand slows and OPEC shows no signs of slowing production. The steep drop in oil prices adds to investor uncertainty as the U.S. Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates for the first time since June 2006 at its meeting next week. Global shares were lower amid concerns that weakness in the Chinese currency could weigh on the global economy and on companies with strong export ties to China.
Source: Yahoo Finance

What investors are doing wrong: Wealthfront’s Malkiel has some answers

Legendary economist Burt Malkiel discusses what investors are doing wrong — and why an 83 year-old icon would go to a Silicon Valley startup.
Source: Yahoo Finance

JPMorgan: Fed could trigger 'massive stop loss order' in the S&P 500 if liftoff goes awry

Options expiry could amplify any selling pressure.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Cramer: Sellers just don't understand the game

Jim Cramer looks at the stock market like a card game, and investors just aren’t dealing with the cards they have right now. Here’s how to win.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Signs of weakness in China sink materials stocks; oil falls

U.S. stocks fell for a second day on Tuesday following a wave of selling abroad on fears that a slump in commodity prices was far from over. The selling began in Asia on disappointing trade figures from …
Source: Yahoo Finance

Stocks close lower as oil drags down energy

U.S. stocks closed lower, weighed by a sharp decline in energy as oil plunged to a near-seven-year low.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Trump Takes His Biggest Lead Yet in the Polls

For those greatly concerned about foreign policy, Trump moved up to 32 percent. As for the rest of the field, it is beginning to look somewhat grim: Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson continues to lose ground with 14 percent of the Republican vote. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who still must be considered an up and comer, is at 12 percent.
Source: Yahoo Finance

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