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Safety First – The Dangers of Selling Gold

Most people are oblivious to the inherent dangers associated with selling gold to the local pawn broker, jewelry shop or gold party.

When you walk in and out of a pawn shop, you are always carrying cash or valuables. Perhaps you walk in with your gold jewelry and walk out with a pocket full of cash. Criminals are keenly aware of this situation, and you could be the next easy target!

Selling your gold jewelry online to a reputable gold buyer is your best and safest solution. Not only will you get paid more money, but you won’t get mugged in the process.

NowGold Rated #1 by Consumer Advocate Site is a consumer advocate site which rates online gold buyers in order to help customers make the right choice when selecting a place to sell their unwanted gold jewelry. They have recently awarded with the highest rating as their #1 Pick.

We are honored to receive this community recognition as a leader in the gold buying industry.

Survey shows most people have no idea what their gold is worth!

A recent survey was done to determine society’s knowledge of the value of gold.
      Do you know the current price of gold?
      Do you know approximately what your gold jewelry is worth in today’s market?

Turns out most people have no idea the value of their gold jewelry. A small handful of broken jewelry can literally be worth thousands!

Check out our Payment Gallery to learn more.

Gold hits record high!

Gold bullion hit another all time record high today at $1465 per troy ounce. Economist fear this may be the top of the market as hedge fund managers are starting to liquidate the metals to cash in.

Watch out for a correction in gold and silver prices. Sell your unwanted or broken gold jewelry now to take advantage of the situation.

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