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5 Myths about Cash for Gold Buyers

Lots of people like you would like to sell their gold jewelry for cash, but don’t because they’re afraid of getting ripped off. After all, how are you supposed to know who to trust? Let’s take a look at these 5 common myths about cash for gold buyers.

1. They’re Just Not Trustworthy
The individuals in the scrap gold industry are just like the individuals in every other industry. Some are honest and some… not so much. You probably know a great honest auto mechanic, and a few others who ripped you off. The same holds true for gold buyers.

Truth be told, some people in the industry are not trust worthy, and some are. Just like every other business choice, it’s up to you to do your research and figure out who to trust.

2. These Gold Buying Sites Are One Big Scam
The truth is, most online gold buyers are not a scam at all. They will legitimately receive your precious metals and send you cash. The problem is, some will send you a little more cash and some will send you a little less. You need to do a little research on the company to see if they have a good track record of customer satisfaction.

3. It Takes Too Long To Get Paid
Despite the myth, you can actually get paid for your scrap jewelry very quickly. Some companies allow for expedited shipping and direct deposits into your bank account. Using these methods, it’s possible to get paid as quickly as 24 hours. But beware, not all companies offer you this quick turn around. Make sure you choose a gold buyer who offers fast shipping and payment options.

4. Mailing Gold is Dangerous
To the contrary, carrying gold to a pawnshop is dangerous. Think about it, you personally carry gold jewelry into the shop and walk out carrying cash. The pawnshops are in the worst part of town, and everybody knows why you’re there. Alternatively, you can send your items in a safe, secured and insure package. Even if the package is lost, you still get paid.

5. My Gold Isn’t Worth Much
This is the worst myth of them all. With gold prices at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to cash in on your old and unwanted gold jewelry. A small handful of jewelry consisting of a couple rings and chains can be worth $1000. Take a look at our Payment Gallery to see for yourself.

Bottom line is, you can trust some gold buyers. is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. We are certified by Semantic VeriSign and are ranked as the number one gold buyer with the consumer advocate site

What About Diamonds and Other Stones?

We receive e-mail questions from new customers wanting cash for gold all the time. This one seems to come up all the time.

I am sending some old gold jewelry and I am wondering what happens to the precious stones. There is no mention of how those are valued or not. My stuff has small emeralds and sapphires and a couple of small diamonds. Thanks for your reply.

Jane Doe

Hi Jane,

We do buy gold jewelry with small stones such as emeralds and diamonds, however we do not usually pay any extra for the stones. Despite what De Beers would have us all think, diamonds actually have very little value. On the other hand, if you have a big diamond solitaire, like an engagement ring, we do pay extra for those.

Truthfully, your gold jewelry is very valuable, but your small diamonds are not. I hope that answers your questions. If not, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-584-7355.

Lee Heavener

Top 10 Reasons to Sell Gold to

If you’re looking for cash for gold jewelry, you want to make sure you select the best place to sell gold. The truth is, when it comes time to sell gold, is your best option. Here are the top 10 reasons to sell jewelry to

10. Get More Cash for Gold
We pay top dollar for gold. If you check around the internet you’ll see that some gold buyers have a notorious reputation for paying very low prices for gold jewelry. The fact is some gold buyers always offer an honest and fair price, while others will always try to cheat you. is ranked #1 by the consumer advocate site because we always treat our customers right.

9. Satisfaction Guaranteed
We offer a no risk satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our payment when you sell gold, simply send the check back and we will happily return your items back to you. No games. Also, we offer a 110% price match guarantee. If you get a better offer from another online gold buyer, we will match it plus 10%.

8. Confidential
Protect your Privacy. When you sell jewelry to, you do it in privacy. Nobody needs to know you decided to get a little extra cash for gold jewelry. Not your friends, not your family, not even your postman needs to know.

7. Safe
When it comes to safety, is the best place to sell gold. When selling gold locally, you always risk getting ripped off. Going to pawn shops in the worst part of town, going to gold buying events at a hotel, meeting a stranger from CraigsList; these are all dangerous to your personal safety. Drop your gold in the mail. It’s safe, secured and insured.

6. Fast is the fastest place on the net to sell gold. We offer FedEx Overnight Shipping so we can receive your gold jewelry by 10:30 tomorrow morning. We will process it and send your payment right away.

5. InstantPay
We offer payment through Direct Deposit right into your checking account using our InstantPay program. You get cash for gold the very same day.

4. A+ Better Business Bureau and Trusted by VeriSign is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. What does that mean to you? It means we don’t have unhappy customers. Sell gold with confidence to a company who treats their customers right. is the best place to sell gold.

3. We pay Referral Fees
Make more money after the sale. We will send you a few referral cards. Give the cards to your friends to earn an extra $50 from every transaction. You can even use them yourself if you decide to send more gold later.

2. Convenience
It’s never been easier to sell gold. Just fill out the form, print out a label or request a Jewelry Return Pack, drop it in the mail and get money deposited directly into your account. No driving all over town. No haggling over price. What could be more convenient?

1. Testimonials
We have tons of satisfied customers. Take a look at our Testimonials and our video testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us.

How to Choose an Online Gold Buyer – Video

How to Choose an Online Gold Buyer

Choose and Online Gold Buyer
With the variety of gold buyers available on the internet, you might be questioning who you should choose to do business with. The truth is, there are vast differences between the various online gold buyers.

First off, is it a legitimate business or an online scam?

The vast majority of online gold buyers are legitimate businesses, most of which are licensed in their respective states. For example, is a licensed second hand precious metals dealer in the state of Florida. Only use a licensed precious metal dealer and you’ll always have the law on your side.

Another way to tell if an online gold buyer is legitimate is to do a Google search for their business name. If the company is rip-off, you’ll find out pretty quickly. When it comes to looking for feedback, no news is good news. Take a look at to see community feedback on some well known web sites.

How Much Cash for Gold Will You Get?

Every online gold buyer tries to distinguish themselves by claiming to pay more, but the truth is, most cash for gold web sites pay just about the same as everybody else online. However, you’ll find that the online gold buyers consistently pay more than the local gold buyers. Because online gold buyers do a higher volume, they can afford to have tighter profit margins than the local pawn shop or jewelry store.

With that said, there are a few unscrupulous companies that will payout very low amounts. For 14K gold, considering all of the operating costs, the typical online gold buyer will pay anywhere from 45% to 65% of melt value. There are however, some places that will try to pay you as little as 20% of melt value.

At, we pay out on the high side. Our goal is to have satisfied customers giving us great feedback in the online community. You’ll find that by doing a Google search some companies have lots of complaints about low pay outs; you’ll want to stay away from them.

What about fraud or theft?

Fraud is really not a big problem in the industry for online gold buyers. When you are ready to sell your gold, just make sure you use a licensed dealer and you’ll probably be alright. Again, there are a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. You’ll want to do a little research on the company to make sure they do not have a history of ripping off their customers.

How Fast Will I Get Paid?

When it comes to the timeline for getting cash for gold, really does stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here is a comparison:

NowGold Timeline

Day 1
Go to and fill out the form.

Print out a shipping label.

Pack up your items according to the instructions.

Drop off your gold at the nearest FedEx or Post Office.

Day 2
If you chose Overnight Delivery, we will receive your items by 10:30 AM the next morning.

We process your package and you can choose to have us make a direct deposit into your bank account the very same day.

Cash4Gold Timeline

Day 1
Go to Cash4Gold and fill out the form.

Day 3
They eventually get around to sending you a Jewelry Return Pack.

Day 5
You receive the jewelry Return Pack in the mail. You can now pack up your items and ship them out.

Day 8
Cash4Gold receives your items and starts to process them.

Day 9
Cash4Gold sends you a check in the mail.

Day 12
You receive the check in the mail from Cash4Gold. If you’re happy with the payment, you deposit the check into your bank account.

Day 15
The check clears and now you can spend the money.

How to Choose a Gold Buyer – Video

Cash for Gold – How to Choose a Gold Buyer

Whenever you decide to sell gold jewelry and get cash for gold, you will need to be very careful in selecting your gold buyer. Not all gold buyers are created equal. You shouldn’t just sell your gold to the first guy you see holding a We Buy Gold sign.

The truth is, less than half of the gold buyers you encounter will treat you fairly and honestly. When selling your gold jewelry, whether to on online gold buyer or to a local pawn shop or jewelry store, you need to be very selective about which company you choose to sell your gold jewelry to.

Just because somebody says “we buy gold” does not mean the will pay you what your gold is really worth. To the contrary, most cash for gold companies will pay you less than your gold jewelry is worth. So, how do you find an honest gold buyer?

In order to select an honest gold buyer when getting cash for your gold jewelry, you must get some personal recommendations.

    What do you know about the cash for gold company?

    Do they have a history of ripping people off when they sell gold jewelry?

    Do they have a precious metals license or just a big We Buy Gold sign?

Don’t take the risk of dealing with an unreliable gold buyer.
Here is what you should look for.

sell my gold jewelry - cash for gold
• Personal Testimonials from real people, not a famous paid spokesperson.

• Accreditation with trusted organizations such as VeriSign and the BBB.

• Great ratings with trade organizations like the Better Business Bureau. has an A+ Rating.

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Great online feedback. What do other people on the internet say about the gold buyer. We are the #1 pick by the consumer advocate site

By using these methods, you can determine which cash for gold company is trust worthy and which We Buy Gold guys are bad news.

Selecting your Gold Buyer

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to gold jewelry buyers with great community feedback, next you’ll want to choose a gold buyer that offers the services you need. Here are some things to look for when you get cash for gold.

• Highest Price – Price Match Guarantee
Will you really get top dollar for your gold and how do you know?
If you walk into a pawn shop, they will almost always offer you the lowest possible price. Instead of opening with their best offer, they typically try to see how low of a price they can pay for your gold. Don’t be a victim to the pawn shop haggle game. Selling your gold to a trusted Online Gold Buyer will get you top dollar for your gold jewelry.

• Fastest Payment
Most online gold buyers make you wait around for a jewelry return pack, and then make you wait some more for a check in the mail. offers you the option to print a shipping label straight from your computer so you can ship your gold today. We also offer direct deposit payment so you can get your cash for gold with 24 hours. Top dollar and fast payment!

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Gold Online – Video

How Fast Will I Get Paid – Video

Gold Over $1400 per Ounce

Gold is holding steady over $1400 per Oz. There has never been a better time to cash in on your old unwanted gold jewelry. Time to empty the jewelry box and sell gold for cash today.

Top dollar for gold

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