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The “Where Can I Sell Gold?” Video Testimonial Was Added to NowGold’s YouTube Channel

NowGold’s A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and outstanding customer service position them as an industry leader in the scrap gold buying business.

( — July 12, 2013) Orlando, FL. — NowGold has been adding the video testimonials they have received to their YouTube channel.  This video testimonial was split between 2 different videos so it would be easier for people to access.  As the video testimonials are added and updated to the NowGold YouTube channel, the URL’s will be publicized.

Kevin Darnell from Jefferson North Carolina recounts his experience with in the video testimonial that was uploaded to YouTube titled “Sell gold for the most amount of cash to NowGold.”  Kevin states that, “I had several gold necklaces and a couple silver pieces that I planned on taking to a pawn shop.  Some were in fair shape, and the others were twisted and kinked.  Then a friend sent me an email with the link.  After reading about them, I decided to give them a shot.  No gas wasted going to a pawn shop, no postage to pay, it seemed a lot easier.”

“I fully expected to receive $150 to $175, and would have been happy with that.  After only 2 days had recieved my package, and processed it,” the shocked North Carolina scrap gold seller explains.  Kevin continues stating, “In just 2 days a direct deposit was made into my bank account for $759.  I am still in shock.”

There are 2 video testimonials that uploaded to Youtube recounting Kevin Darnell’s experiences selling his gold online.  The first is titled “Sell gold for the most amount of cash to NowGold,” and the other is titled “Where can I sell gold? NowGold” that has more of Kevin Darnell’s experience with  Kevin continues to explain about his experience with on the video stating, ”I honestly couldn’t believe they paid that much for what I sent them.  They’re like a dream come true.  I had recently lost my job, and this helped me so much.  I was able to pay my electric bill, water bill, phone bill, groceries, and buy my son some presents for his twelfth birthday, $759!”



Press Release – A 110% Price Match Guarantee Is Being Announced By The Gold Jewelry Buyers is pleased to announce the addition of the 110% Price Match Guarantee to their website, which is devoted to the purchase of unwanted gold jewelry from customers online. The use of online transactions is safe, fast and a fair price is guaranteed. The steps that are required are easy to understand and implement.

According to a website spokesperson speaking in a recent interview, “Satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer a 110% Price-Match Guarantee, so you can be confident you are getting the best price from our gold buyers. Plus we offer a 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!”

The spokesman continues by stating, “We understand that sometimes folks need cash fast. Use our InstantPay Method to instantly get cash for gold in your bank account, or you can choose to have us send you a check by mail or make an offer by phone. You can sell gold jewelry with confidence knowing that our shipping and handling procedures are safe and secure, and insured for your protection. We offer several shipping options for your convenience.”

With the increased prices being offered by gold buyers, sellers should ensure that the company they choose to handle the transaction is reputable and offers the best possible customer service. Checking forum and review sites, like, to research the performance of the firm is a good way to ensure the validity of the professionals handling the sale.

The secure process to sell gold coins and jewelry is as simple as:

1)  Fill out the form
2)  Ship the gold;
3)  Get paid within 24 hours.


More information about the company is available by clicking on the link Details about the 110% Price Match Guarantee can be seen by visiting


Press Release – Sites For Selling Gold Jewely Online Were Reviewed With Results Published By is a site where people can sell gold jewelry online, and is one of the sites that was reviewed by can also be found under the easier to type in URL The review of the gold buying site, explained that they ensure fast and secured payment methods through Instantpay which will send the cash directly to the gold seller’s bank account. They are also issuing checks by mail for people that prefer that option for payment of their gold jewelry.  As mentioned on their website, “Other gold buyers make you wait days for a Jewelry Return Kit, and even longer for a check. You won’t hear ‘The check is in the mail’ from us! We can use direct deposit to pay you instantly.” is a certified trusted company with Verisign, plus they are a BBB Accredited Business. “You can sell gold jewelry with confidence knowing that our shipping and handling procedures are safe and secure, and insured for your protection. We offer several shipping options for your convenience,” their website states.

The review by says they discovered that the satisfaction guarantee policy followed by includes a 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with a 110% Price Match Guarantee. “When you deal with you are dealing with a licensed and insured ‘Precious Metals Dealer.’ We offer a 110% Price Match Guarantee, so you know you’re always getting a fair price. And if you are unhappy with your payment, we offer a 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. For extra comfort, we insure your jewelry for up to $500,” explains the company rated to provide the best deal when selling gold jewelry online.

Aside from the transactions, customer safety, and privacy that are also ensured by, they explain that “When you sell your gold to them you don’t have to worry about the danger of meeting strangers while carrying your valuable jewelry to a store or pawn shop. You can do everything from the safety of your own home.  Your friends and relatives don’t need to know, the transaction can be completely private. When you sell your gold to, not even your postman knows you are selling your unwanted gold jewelry for instant cash. Other online gold buyers send you a conspicuous envelope for the world to see. With us, you can print and ship without anybody knowing.”

Testimonials from customers are also posted on their official website. Leah Silverstein from Mount Kisco, New York reported that, “ is wonderful! They pay you for what your gold is worth, and any questions sent by e-mail are replied to swiftly and thoroughly. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking to sell their jewelry.”

Another satisfied person named Lori Haight from Kenosha, Wisconsin says, “I will admit, I thought this was a scam. We emailed each other a few times, I read testimonials, checked the BBB, etc. and thought I’d give them a chance. I am extremely satisfied with the service, response and dollar amount I received for selling my gold jewelry online!”


Press Release – Published New Reviews About Online Gold Buyers

“ is our #1 top pick for online gold buyers. We give them this honor because they have the highest customer satisfaction rating. They hit the trifecta with great customer satisfaction, high payouts and quick payments,” explains. “They offer such fast payments because they allow people to print their own shipping label from the web, instead of waiting several days for a jewelry return pack to show up in the mail.” is a website where people can see reviews of different companies that buy gold jewelry. “ is a forum dedicated to helping consumers make the right choice when selling their gold jewelry online. People can read about other people’s experiences with online gold buyers, and they can post comments and feedback about their own personal experience,” the gold buying review website explains.  “Not all online gold buyers are the same! Some sites pay top dollar for old gold jewelry, while others will try to pay just pennies on the dollar. Some online gold buyers will always treat people honestly and fairly, but some others will try to take advantage of people at every opportunity.”

One of the comments that was published by was from a customer named Marn that stated, “After doing lots of research I decided to give a chance. And I’m so glad I did. I sent in quite a good bit of gold, and got paid about $5,000. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy!! Not only was the payout great, but their customer service went above and beyond. Super friendly and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone!”’s prices are displayed in the Gallery of their website.  “Simply fill out the form on the right side of the page and click the ‘Yes, Sell My Gold’ button. We will walk you through the rest of process. Once you have completed the Get Started form, you’ll be ready to ship out your gold,” the instructions on official website explain.

“Follow the printed instructions that come with the shipping label, or check out the ‘How To Ship’ page for detailed instructions,” a representative explains.  The rep. continued to explain, “Once we receive your package we will immediately process the jewelry, calculate payment and send the cash. If you choose InstantPay, we will deposit the money directly into your bank account. If not, we will mail you a check right away.”  Visit the website to read more reviews and testimonials from people that have sold their gold jewelry online.


Gold Buyers at NowGold Celebrate 24 Years Buying Gold and Paying Cash for Gold

The gold buyers at, BBB A+ rated, celebrate 24 years of turning jewelry into cash. Their risk-free service of buying jewelry for top dollar from people selling their gold has helped thousands of people and families in these uncertain and difficult economic times.

Cash for Gold

“We’re very proud to be celebrating 24 years of helping customers by providing cash for gold and never more so than the last few years when so many people have lost their jobs and need extra dollars,” says Lee Heavener, CEO NowGold.

Their longevity and success are attributed to three simple policies: Satisfaction Guaranteed with a 110% Price-Match Guarantee and a 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, lightning fast payments and a safe, secured and insured handling method.

They help customers sell their gold worry-free with the NowGold Satisfaction Guaranteed that carries a 110% Price-Match Guarantee offer. This offer is to match and pay an additional 10% if the customer should receive a higher offer on their jewelry within 30 days of the sale with NowGold. Additionally, if for any reason the customer feels that any of their items have not been fairly evaluated by, the customer can simply return the check or call within ten days of the date on the check and will promptly return their items.

Today, many people need cash fast and they have addressed this need with their Lightning Fast Payments policy. Customers can use their InstantPay Method to instantly get cash for gold by direct deposit into their bank account or they can choose to receive a check by mail.

Added to this is more customer protection provided with their Safe, Secured and Insured policy. As a licensed and insured Precious Metals Dealer and their BBB A+ rating customers can sell gold jewelry with confidence. They offer U.S. Postal Service or FedEx shipping and handling procedures that are safe and secure, and insured for your protection.

Untold numbers of customers have expressed their satisfaction with their selling gold experience with NowGold. Just two stories are provided here: “I was very leery to send in my old broken and unwanted gold jewelry. I did a lot of research, sent an E-mail and called once before I sent in my gold. I am still amazed at the professional and prompt service. They answered all of my questions immediately. I got a lot more money for my gold jewelry than I expected. I will absolutely refer them to friends and family and will do business with them again,” says Kara Morton, Metolius, Oregon

“I was desperate to replace my leaky roof. I rounded up some old and unwanted gold from my jewelry box and turned it into $2950 in just 3 days. No more leaky roof,” says Sandy Spaziano, St. Petersburg, Florida.

People or families wanting to sell their gold can get all of the questions answered by visiting or calling 1-800-584-7355.

About NowGold
The gold buyers at NowGold, located in Orlando, FL, has been buying and selling gold since 1988. A licensed and insured Precious Metals Dealer, they hold a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and are registered as a trusted company with VeriSign. They are rated #1 with the consumer advocate site Visit us on Facebook or call 1-800-584-SELL.


Learn How to Sell Your Scrap Gold and Get More Cash for Your Black Friday Shopping Spree in’s Free Report – Gold Industry Insider Secrets

Learn the secrets that gold buyers don’t want you to know. How to sell your scrap gold and get more cash for your Black Friday shopping spree in’s Free Report – Gold Industry Insider Secrets.

Orlando, FL – Learn how to sell your scrap gold and get more cash for your Black Friday shopping spree. has just released Gold Industry Insider Secrets, written by’s top precious metals expert. This insider report will arm you with the real facts about what really goes on behind the scenes of gold and silver buyers. Most readers will be shocked when they discover the behind the scenes process of selling gold jewelry.

The experts at have committed to paying the highest prices for scrap gold and want anyone that needs to sell gold jewelry or scrap gold to be totally educated on the selling gold process.

“We at are shocked at what goes on in the Gold Buying Industry and we seek to expose the unscrupulous tactics that some bad apples employ. seeks to distance our company from those underhanded tactics by paying top dollar to our customers that wish to sell gold. It’s a win-win,” says Lee Heavener.

Gold Industry Insider Secrets will cover: Safety Tips that enable you to sell your gold without getting ripped off, how to calculate the value of your gold so that you know your scrap gold’s true value and other inside tips to equip you with the knowledge you need to sell gold online.

The timing of this much needed insider report is superb. With Black Friday just around the corner, selling gold online is one of the safest and quickest ways to raise extra cash for Christmas shopping. Many customers are amazed when they discover how much their scrap gold is worth.

About and the precious metals team: Lee Heavener serves as’s precious metals expert and has 20 plus years of experience as a gold buyer. Chris Jenkins oversees marketing and communications. Their commitment to treating all customers fairly and honestly is unparalleled among internet gold buyers.


Buying Gold Bullion – 3 Ways To Invest in Gold

gold bullion

One of the best ways to invest in gold is by buying gold bullion. It’s a tangible asset and a great store of value. It’s also a great way to protect yourself from rising inflation and a falling dollar. Plus, it does not carry the risks of gold stocks, mutual funds, options or ETFs.

But many people have never bought bullion before. How do you get started? Here are some options for buying gold bullion:

#1 Gold Coins

Probably the most popular options for new investors are buying gold bullion coins. These are basically gold in coin format, minted by the governments of different countries. Bullion coins rise and fall with the price of gold. So for example, you can buy a one ounce coin at today’s spot gold price + a small premium (about 6 – 8%).

The advantage to coins is that they are widely recognized and can be easily sold pretty much anywhere you go so they are highly liquid.

One caution – bullion coins are not the same as rare coins or numismatics. Dealers will sometimes try to talk you into investing in rare coins. But unless you know what you’re doing in that area, it’s probably best to invest in the bullion coins. Popular bullion coins that will be easily recognized (and traded) are the US Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and the South African Krugerrand.

#2 Bars

You can also buy bullion bars in 1 ounce or above (up to 400 ounces). Gold bars have certain advantages too. They have less of a markup than coins – so you’re getting more gold for your money. Plus if you’re looking to invest a lot of money (build up ounces), you can get higher ounces with bars than with coins. Basically you get more gold for the money with bars overall.

The downside to bars is that when you go to sell the bars back most dealers will insist on having them assayed for purity. So they don’t have the liquidity that coins have. One way to get around this is in your 3rd option below.

#3 Bullion Bars Stored in Vaults

You can buy physical bullion and have it stored in a vault (vs taking home delivery of the metal). Several dealers offer this option when you buy from them. You usually pay a small monthly fee to have “allocated” or “segregated” storage, which means your metals are separate from other accounts. (Unallocated storage means your metals are mixed in with others accounts.)

Allocated storage is a great option if you’re storing a lot of precious metals. The disadvantage is that the gold isn’t right there for you if you need it. However most vault storage options will let you take physical delivery of the metal under certain conditions.

This also has the advantage that when you go to sell the bullion back to the dealer, the chain of command so to speak, has not been broken. They know they sold you the gold. They know you’ve stored it with them, so they don’t usually insist on having it assayed for purity. So it’s easier to sell back to the dealer.

Another advantage to this third option is that there are some dealers that will store your metals in offshore vaults. So if you’re worried about possible gold confiscation in your country, or you just want to keep your investing privacy in place, this is a great options.

So those are 3 ways to invest in physical gold bullion. If you do decide to invest, take your time and educate yourself on what you need and which options are best for you. Then you’ll be in a good position to decide for yourself what suits your personal portfolio.

About the Author:

Thinking about buying gold? Visit How To Buy Gold for an easy step-by-step guide to getting started.
Or visit Buying Gold Bullion for the latest tips and articles on investing in precious metals.

NowGold Rated #1 by Consumer Advocate Site is a consumer advocate site which rates online gold buyers in order to help customers make the right choice when selecting a place to sell their unwanted gold jewelry. They have recently awarded with the highest rating as their #1 Pick.

We are honored to receive this community recognition as a leader in the gold buying industry.

InstantPay is now offering InstantPay Method. Select InstantPay to get paid cash in 24 hours for your gold!

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