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E-Mail Question: What’s Taking So Long?

Hi Lee,

Honestly I’m not happy. I sent you guys my gold and I have not got anything in return. I never got a email stating how much i was getting back from you guys; I have got nothing.
Sincerely, James

Hello James,

I’m sorry about the miscommunication. Please allow me to explain how the process works.

First you print a shipping label from your computer and mail your items to us. This is sometimes very fast and sometimes very slow. We offer FedEx Over Night and FREE FedEx 2 Day air for our customers that are in a hurry. You used the US Post Office which seems to be running about 4 business days from Virginia.

Once we receive your items, we process the shipment the very same morning we receive it and immediately make payment. Customers use their tracking number on our web page to see what the current status of their order is. For example, your tracking number is J201220091215D5, and according to the web page your status is “Processing Complete, your check has been mailed.”.

When it comes to payment, we offer a couple of different options; Check by Mail or InstanPay. Customers that are in a hurry choose InstantPay to receive payment in less than 24 hours. According to our computer, you chose to get paid by check. That payment went out via USPS on January 4th. Today is the 4th business day for the Post Office, so I expect you’ll receive your payment very soon.

We do not issue offers as part of our process unless the customer specifically requests an offer. The reason is that doing so can delay the process by a few days while we try to make contact with the customers. As such, we just make a payment and send it out as fast as the mail service will allow.

I hope that addresses your concerns. Please let me know if I can help further.

Lee Heavener

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