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The Ugly Truth about

A while back we made the decision to take our local gold buying business national using the internet. It became obvious pretty quickly that we would be in competition with the eight hundred pound gorilla At first, we aspired to be like, but those hopes faded quickly. Once we found out the ugly truth about their business practices, we no longer looked to for inspiration, but with disgust. thugs chief Jeff Aronson posing with MC Hammer

We’ve long understood the principle that if you treat somebody right, they’ll tell a friend, but if you treat somebody bad, they’ll tell 100 friends. As a point, we treat our customers fairly and honestly, with the respect they deserve.

At the time of this post, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with ZERO complaints.
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On the other hand, maintains a B- rating, with 297 complaints.
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All That Glitters is Not Gold

We found out the truth about this company’s business practices when ex-employee and whistle blower Michele Liberis published an article talking about the details of the operation. According to Liberis, is using a lot of dirty underhanded tactics. Read the full article

The Low-Ball Payment Scam
According to Liberis, will make low ball payments for your gold jewelry. When you call to complain, they will negotiate the lowest possible payment with you. She says that employees are paid bonuses based on how little they pay you!

At, we pay you a fair price for your gold. The price we pay is generated automatically based on the weight and purity of your gold and the current market conditions. Everybody gets paid the same rate and nobody gets a bonus for cheating the customer.

The Slow Check Scam
Like us, offers a 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. However, that 10 days starts from the date on the check. Liberis claims the company will intentionally hold checks for many days in order to cut into your guarantee period.

We don’t play games with your money. Our policy is to process the gold and send out your payment the very same day we receive your shipment.

The Lost Package Game
Liberis tells us that will pretend to have lost your package and underpay you for the insurance claim. On the other hand, has not lost a package yet.

Why Choose

Bottom line, is not like We pride ourselves on treating our fairly and honestly. Our great BBB rating and customer testimonials say it all!

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