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5 Stars is wonderful! They pay you for what your gold is worth, and any questions sent by e-mail are replied to swiftly and thoroughly. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking to sell their jewelry.
Leah Silverstein – Mount Kisco, New York
It’s really nice to know there are still honest people out there.
5 Stars I admit I was a bit leary about mailing my gold and waiting for a check. I had my gold appraised in my hometown and had a fair idea of what it was worth. So, I decided to send it to NowGold and see what they would pay me….I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did they give me more than I was quoted in town, but the check came in the mail within three days after they received my package. It’s really nice to know there are still some honest people out there. Thank you!
Marie Ruberto- Muskegon, Michigan
I Am Still In Shock!!!
5 Stars I had several gold necklaces and a couple of silver pieces that I had planned on taking to a pawn shop. Some were in fair shape and the rest were twisted and kinked. A friend sent me an e-mail with a NowGold link. After reading about them I decided to give them a shot. No gas wasted going to a pawn shop, no postage to pay, seemed a lot easier.

I fully expected to receive $150 - $175 and would have been happy with that. After only 2 days NowGold had received my package and processed it. In just two days a direct deposit was made in my bank account for 759.00!!!! I am still in shock!!!

I honestly couldn't believe they payed that much for what I sent them. They are like a dream come true. I recently lost my job and this helped me so much. I was able to pay my electric bill, water bill, phone bill, groceries, and buy my son some presents for his 12 birthday. 759.00??????

These guys are for real...God bless NowGold...they really pulled me out of a jam. Best company on the planet...Thank you so much
Kevin Darnell – Jefferson, North Carolina
I Would Most Definitely Do Business With Them Again!
5 Stars I was really needing some cash, fast. I was doing research online to determine whether to send my gold in, or to go to a local pawn shop. I saw the good reviews for, and decided to go with them. I sent in a few small gold rings, a gold bracelet, my high school class ring, and some old silver dollars. I figured if I was lucky, I’d get $500. I got almost $1,000!!!! And, I got it super fast in a few days. I wish I had more gold to send in! I would most definitely do business with them again!
Scott MacMillan – Huntsville, Texas
I Am Extremely Satisfied
5 Stars I will admit, I thought this was a scam. We emailed each other a few times, I read testimonials, BBB, etc. and thought I’d give them a chance. I am extremely satisfied with the service, response and dollar amount!
Lori Haight - Kenosha, Wisconsin
I Was Curious What I Could Get
5 Stars Thank you!!! As gold is at a all time high I was curious what I could get for a necklace and a couple of rings. I was hoping for over $100 and $200 would be a bonus. But when I opened up the check…there was $440!!! Who is next? Thanks again
David Ransom – Eugene, Oregon
I Am Still Amazed
5 Stars I was very leary to send in my old broken and unwanted gold jewelry. I did a lot of research, sent an E-mail and called once before I sent in my gold. I am still amazed at the professional and prompt service. They answered all of my questions immediately. I got a lot more money for my gold jewelry than I expected. I will absolutely refer them to friends and family and will do business with them again.
Kara Morton – Metolius, Oregon
I Was Very Wary
5 Stars I was very wary of sending off my gold jewelry in an envelope but was I ever pleasantly surprised. I received more than I expected and it was deposited into my account faster than I ever thought possible. The process was simple since everything is explained on their website in easy to follow steps that also help get the money in your hands as fast as possible. It’s clear why the Better Business Bureau rates this company with an A+. The personal communication available with this company is also something you don’t find much of today – I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.
Deborah Wisoff - Fairfax, Virginia
I Was Desperate to Replace My Leaky Roof
5 Stars I rounded up some old and unwanted gold from my jewelry box and turned it into $2950 in just 3 days. No more leaky roof!
Sandy Spaziano - St. Petersburg, Florida

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